Services Rendered

Tax & Legal Services

Our Tax & Legal Department is comprised of a highly skilled and experienced team of Legal and Tax Consultants, competent enough and able to offer a wide range of services, by undertaking and successfully completing anything that is required in relation to the following:

- Corporate law
- Corporate & Individual Tax
- International Tax
- Indirect Tax
- Transfer Pricing
- Tax Litigation
- Real Estate
- Tax & Legal Due Diligence
- Intellectual Property Rights

Taxation laws are becoming more and more complicated leading to an increase in taxation problems. We may advise you and prepare for you and your business a suitable tax plan tailored to your needs.

Through proper and effective tax planning we may maximise taxation benefits and advantages, minimise tax liabilities, increase the saving of funds and increase your business liquidity and asset coverage.

Additionally, we may advise and prepare a suitable program for proper succession, when needed, safeguarding those persons who are at the stage of retirement with suitably planned pension schemes, provident funds, annuity systems etc. At the same time, we may advise successors in a business on any tax and legal issues that may arise upon succession.

Trust & Management Services

Our Trust & Management department is capable of offering, through its expert team of business advisors and consultants, comprehensive studies concerning the particular needs and requirements of your business.

Through our fully fledged offices we are able to offer a wide range of services, undertake and successfully complete anything that is required in relation to the following:

- Registration of companies and other entities
- Corporate and Fiduciary Services
- Trust Creation and Administration
- Ship Registration and Ship Management

Payroll & Accounting Services

Our Accounting Department consists of a team or highly skilled and experienced accountants who are able to offer you any accounting services required, among which:

- Computerized of Accounting Records
- Payroll Processing & Employer Services
- Monthly Accounting Support Services
- Monthly and Quarterly Management Accounts

Our wide experience and technical knowledge enables us to offer the above services with a first-class as well as speedy level of service. A service in accordance with our philosophy of going beyond merely satisfying our clients, to the level of delighting them.

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